Online Forklift Training

Our online forklift training and certification has been designed in alignment with the CSA B335-94 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks. This course follows the theory training requirement of Worksafe BC occupational health and safety code section 16 as it applies to forklifts. In addition to the onsite practical training provided by BC Forklift Safety this program meets provincial regulations and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course compliant?

Yes, this online forklift certification training course exceeds the knowledge component training requirements as set forth by CSA Standard B335-95 and WCB OHS section 16. Workplace and equipment specific training will also be required in order to satisfy operator competency requirements. Our online trainer will come to your location to complete practical training and evaluations.

How long does it take to complete the online lift truck training course?

Approximately four hours will be required in order to successfully complete the course. This can vary significantly due to several factors.Once a trainee is enrolled and begins the course they will have 30 day to complete it. Corporate customers can set their own time frames for completion for their staff. The final exam at the end of the course must be completed in one sitting and each student is allotted 60 minutes to complete the exam.

How long before I get my certificate?

The wallet card and final record of training is provided after the practical portion of the training is complete and all payments are received and processed by our office.

What if I do not accomplish the 70% Grade Required?

Regulations require all operators to demonstrate their knowledge by completing a theory evaluation. After completing the web course trainees will complete an online theory test to show their understanding of forklift theory. A grade of 70% must be achieved for the trainee to move on to the Practical portion of the course. Should you not achieve the required 70% you will be allowed to re take the entire web course and repeat the exam up to two more times. Should you not be able to achieve the required 70% after your third attempt, or if you have language or other barriers to completing the web course please contact your employer or email us at to arrange an alternative method of training.

When Does My Certificate Expire?

As per the CSA & WCB requirements, forklift Operators must be retrained at intervals no longer than every two years. Therefore, our forklift certificates expire two years after they’re awarded, or if you are involved in an accident while operating a forklift. Additionally, employers may be required to evaluate their forklift operators under specific circumstances in accordance with their jurisdiction’s legislation.