How do I book a course?

  • Call, email or fill out our online course registration and we will contact you with our available times.

How long does your course take?

  • One day for high lift forklifts. Half a day for low lift forklifts and refresher training programs. We also offer a 2 day program geared for operators with little or no experience.

Do you have class size restrictions?

  • For in-experienced operators we restrict the class to 5 students so each trainee receives the time they need. For experienced operators we can accommodate up to 10 students in each class.

How much does your course cost?

  • We offer the best rates for forklift operator training; we offer regular discounts, fast pay bonuses and group rates. We will work with you on tailoring a relevant cost effective program for your business. Please call us or fill out an online estimate request.

Do you offer online training?

  • Absolutely… Regulations require that operators receive both classroom and practical training; we offer the classroom portion of our training on our webpage where experienced operators can work at their own pace. The instructor will come to your location for practical evaluations. This can greatly reduce the amount of downtime to your business.
  • This online course is geared towards operators with practical experience operating a forklift. New operators will be required to attend an instructor led course to assure they receive all of the required support to obtain the skills necessary to become a professional operator.

Why must my employees take a forklift training course?

  • Training plays an essential role in protecting workers on the job. Section 115 of the Workers Compensation Act requires employers to provide workers with “the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of those workers in carrying out their work and to ensure the health and safety of other workers at the workplace”

Why do you only offer onsite training, what if I do not have a boardroom or classroom at my site?

  • Requirements of the regulation state that the operators must be familiar with the piece of equipment they are assigned to operate, and the work environment they are working in. Our instructor has taught this course in many locations, lunchrooms, a quiet corner of the warehouse to a tailgate meeting on a construction site. For an additional fee we can make arrangements to rent a boardroom or classroom space. Let us know what your needs are and we will make every effort to accommodate.

What are your working hours?

  • Our instructor is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your operational and training needs.

What are your trainer’s qualifications?

  • Click here to go to our trainers Bio page.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

  • Forklift Safety is what we do. Our trainer is focused on giving your operators the knowledge and skills they require to operate safely in your workplace. We are knowledgeable in the required regulations and feel it is our duty to keep up to date on any changes that will affect your operators and your workplace. Our trainer has almost 30 years of real world experience operating a variety of forklifts and powered mobile equipment, as well as training as an instructor and employee mentor.

What if an employee can pass the written or practical test?

  • Although our instructor endeavors to ensure that all students achieve the necessary standard within the allotted time, a pass is not guaranteed and some students may require further training.  Our trainer is an experienced instructor and will adapt the course to meet the unique learning styles of your operators. Some adaptations my include allowing a translator to overcome language barriers, oral testing, or giving students access to our workbook or material online previous to the course to allow them to be comfortable and confidant with the material.

We don’t have time for our operators to sit in a classroom, how quickly can you train them?

  • We offer many solutions to work around your busy workplace, from offering evening and weekend courses, to an online theory program that would only require our instructor to work with one of your operators at a time during the practical portion of the course held at your work site. Please call or email us today to discuss your unique needs, we are dedicated to working with you to ensure your operators have the training they need to work safely.

What kind of documentation do you offer?

  • We provide each operator with a laminated wallet, and the employer with a copy of the competency for operation of forklifts form signed by the operator and the instructor. For an additional fee we can provide an 8.5×11 certificate suitable for framing, or a laminated wallet card with operator’s photo. Please email us for further details.

How do you accept payment, what are your terms?

  • Cash, Company Cheque, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Our terms are net 15 unless you have made previously made other arrangements with our office. We also offer significant fast pay discounts and customer loyalty plans.

Do you have references?

  • Yes we do please contact us for further information as we respect our customer’s privacy and do not publish this information. Or click here to read our testimonials.

How long have you been active in health and occupational safety training?

  • Our trainer has been making workplaces safer since 2007

Can you customize your course to meet our operational needs?

  • We specialize in adapting our courses to meet the need of your business, whether you have multiple types of equipment,  different work locations or a challenging work environment we will meet with you to customize our program to your workplace.

Do you work for WorkSafe BC?

  • No we are an independent service. All of our programs meet WorkSafe BC and CSA standards for lift truck operator training but we do not report to WorkSafe BC.

What other programs do you offer?

  • Although we specialize in forklift operator training, we offer several associated services including, pedestrian safety program, Fuel and Battery care and maintenance refresher , workplace safety walk through, and 3rd party forklift accident investigation assistance.